When Your Client Needs Time to Think About It | Tips from Sales Mentor Lew Dennen

Advice from Sales Coach Lew Dennen

What do you do when you’re with a potential new client who says, “I need time to think about it?”

Many sales experts out there give the advice that this is the time when you need to push through their objections. They recommend things like drawing up a list of questions to ask your prospective customer in the hope that this will shed light on whatever may be holding them back.

The idea is that once the roadblock is identified, your potential future client will then feel ready to move forward and commit to a working relationship with you.

Long-time Sales Coach Lew Dennen advises the opposite. In his video tip, he asserts: “The worst thing you can do is push on someone who has not made a decision.”

He adds, “It is not going to endear you to them. All they’re going to remember is that you were a jerk who tried to push on them, even if you eventually get the sale.”

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Lew suggests keeping the objective in mind that you actually WANT them to go back and think about it.

The key, he adds, is to follow up later with them. He recommends:

  • Be patient.
  • Give them space.
  • Give them a chance to make a decision.

The result, Lew promises, is that in the long run you can develop a longer term customer by doing this, as opposed to shoving your message down their throat and trying to pass through or push through any objections they may have.

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