Brainstorming a Business Name: 3 Solid Strategies

Here are three strategies you can use when brainstorming a name for your business:

Combine two words.

Think ZipCar or Pizza Hut. This works well when paired with places or things.

Create a new word or unfamiliar word, often called an abstraction.

Think Google, Roku, or Keurig – even Skittles.

Be careful selecting your combination of letters or unique word. The tone of voice you use with each letter can quickly take a cool written word into a weird sounding word with a negative tone.

Look internationally.

I love looking at words in other languages for inspiration. This could be nouns, verbs, or words that don’t even exist in American English. Examples are Hulu and Amazon.


Type your names into a Google doc. You’ll see that some names look strange typed out. But, it also is a great source of additional brainstorming.

Content contributed by Vermont-based marketing agency owner and brand creator, Michael Adams.

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