Do You Really Need a Website if You Have a Social Media Following on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook?

You may have heard the advice lately that you don’t even need a website to make money with a business online. It’s true that you can generate cash online without having a website, yes. BUT… NOT having a website comes with RISK.

What’s the risk of not having a website? HOMELESSNESS of your brand.

How so? If you ONLY post to social media accounts, then THOSE websites (such as Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest), OWN your brand and content –  everything you’re saying and sharing there. Think about it.

When people search your signature phrase, what website comes up first? The one where you post the most and have the biggest following. So… maybe Facebook. But what happens if Facebook suddenly goes away? YOU GO AWAY, TOO.

Think of your website as an information HUB and the HOME of your BRAND.

Without a website of your own, your brand is essentially homeless. And what NEEDS to happen is that your website should ideally be the HUB where all content that you create originates from, which you then pump out on various social media channels.

You will make much MORE money over the long term, become a BOHEMOTH in your niche, and establish your business OFFICIALLY, if you DO have a website.

Think about this. You’ve been working on a catch phrase for your brand. Maybe it’s “Seek UP”. So your fan hits Google to type in those words, “Seek UP,” looking for you. WHAT do you want them to find? YOUR WEBSITE, of course. YOUR WEBSITE is the home of your brand, your business, your digital products.

Let’s review why we’re online in the first place.

  • To establish a brand presence
  • To share information that will help other people
  • To become established as an expert (because you ARE one – what do you do??)
  • To dominate your niche (hey, why not?)
  • To create affordable digital products that HELP people
  • To create PROFITS by doing those things.

So again, what would happen to YOUR BRAND if Facebook or TikTok or your current hangout crashed or disappeared out of nowhere?

If someone were to look for you, where would they find you? 

If you DON’T have a website, THEY WOULDN’T FIND YOU. That’s why it’s critical to have one, especially if you’re using the internet to generate income.

There’s another reason why you MUST have a website.

You need a website if you’re selling digital products online.

What kinds of digital products can you sell online? Your website is the central location for where those products live and can be sold from.

  • Ebooks
  • Online Courses
  • Email Challenges
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Coaching Programs

If you make it a point to contain ALL the details on EACH product that you launch online, and you ONLY advertise the details of that product (such as what you get, how much it costs, etc.) on a SINGLE SALES PAGE of your website, then you will have tons more CONTROL over those details.

Containing Your Digital Products to YOUR Site Means You Have Ultimate CONTROL Over Your Content

Having ONE sales page that lives on your own website’s server means that if you decide to yank the product, the buy button ONLY lives in one place. That makes it simple to control the content without having to run around all over the free web logging in here, there and everywhere.

A Few More Reasons to Get a Website Running, STAT

  • The content you post on your website will drive traffic to videos that you share on TikTok etc.
  • The more content you publish on your own website, the bigger your brand will grow.
  • If the media finds your TikTok videos, they WILL ask you if you have a website.
  • Again, your website will make you a BOHEMOTH in your niche.

What’s the Process for Quickly and Easily Creating Website Pages and Blog Posts from Your Existing Content?

  • For each topic of any videos you’ve created or for any social media posts you’ve typed out and shared, turn the topic into an individual blog post FOR YOUR OWN BLOG. Again, this content is YOURS! Start thinking of your website as the HOME for all great advice you offer your audience.
  • TITLE the post something that your audience is likely to be searching for. (I hope you’re taking notes on this right now, it’s REALLY important.)
  • Summarize the key points you’ve made in your video or your social media post. Type everything out, and paste into a new blog post. Add more detail if you like.
  • If this content came from a video that you already published, say on TikTok… copy and paste the EMBED code of your TikTok video into the blog post. If your intention is to drive traffic to the video, then link to it and use a blank target in the URL.
  • Add H1, H2 and H3 headlines throughout your post so that search engines will be able to find them better.
  • Categorize your post using commonly searched words and phrases – this way your content will be more easily found.
  • Give the command – a call to action. At the end of the post, you want reader to do something. What do you want them to do? It’s always a good idea to summarize who you are and tell them what to do next, ie sign up from this page (with a link), buy now and so forth.

Be consistent with your content posting. If you don’t have time to take this last step, hire someone (like me) to compile and publish your content for you, so that you’re always publishing your blog.

The content you share on your blog or website can be turned into digital products, such as ebooks and courses, and sold from your site!

If you’re active on social media already, you can use your existing content to create a WordPress Website FAST.

If you’ve already been publishing faithfully to TikTok, Facebook, and a variety of online groups, you likely have amassed a LARGE COLLECTION of high value information, including images, that others will find useful. Now, you just have to organize and categorize it.

This will make it EASY for me to create a website for you. You need a Welcome, About, Services/Products, Contact Page, and the basic bare bones of a blog that you log in and post to. Once these are in place, you can get going on a HOME for your online business – your dot-com, your very own website!

Fun Fact: it as AS EASY to log in and post new content to your own WordPress blog, as it is to post on Facebook. All you have to do is log in, start typing, and you’re off!

Email for a basic WordPress setup – your blog that YOU manage, today.