Build Your List

If you really want to make the big money online, you have to know that it’s not about courting individual clients. Sure you can do that. You can have ONE customer who pays you thousands per year IF you play it that way.

But… what happens when that client drops you? You want another income stream. That’s where your precious list comes in.

  1. Think about what it feels like to sell a $10 product to one person. 
  2. Now consider how it might feel to sell a $10 product to 100 people. Getting better, right?
  3. What about selling the SAME $10 product to $10,000 people? Yeahh! We like the sound of that, don’t we?
  4. What about RECYCLING that product, and squeezing MORE value from it by repeating the process, EVERY year for five years?

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