Launch a Course in Minutes with the Full-Time to Freelancer Done-for-You Content Kit from Coach Glue

Hey friend… do you want to show up like a boss in your field? Now is the time. Work culture has drastically changed since the pandemic and we’re not going back to what things were. This is your time to guide people into self-reliant work and business-building situations.

Launch a course that walks people through this transition to freelance. The New Year is a perfect opportunity to help your clients and followers set and achieve business goals!

What if I told you there’s a course already written… done for you… that you can launch as your own?

What’s stopping your followers from just launching without your help?

  • Analysis paralysis. They’re getting lost in the details and they can’t move forward.
  • They don’t know the order of operations. What to do and when to do it.
  • They’re distracted and unfocused. They need you to set them on track.
  • They’re afraid of the price. Maybe your hourly rate is too high!

The Full Time to Freelancer kit doubles as coaching content you can learn from AND teach under your own brand name.

Maybe your own business coaching services need some freshening and fine-tuning. Pick up this content to create a blueprint for your re-launch plan of attack. Then turn around and sell the course to other people! Offer it affordably to a group… sell it in rounds… and walk away with maybe even MORE profit than if you managed to successfully book out at an hourly consulting rate.

People want courses! They can afford them and it’s less of a scary commitment.

From Full-Time to Freelancer: Create, Launch, and Book Out Your Services in 30 Days: Use This to Launch a Brand New Online Course!