Get paid to write PLR articles

Hey it’s Dina here, wanted to throw this out to all you writers out there. 🙂 At 6figs digital we are in search of writers to speed write articles for the following niches:

  • Self-help
  • Small business and online business
  • Weight Loss and low carb

If you have experience writing web content and know the PLR drill, get on my list using the form below. I will be emailing out future assignments.

I will also share tips and hints for selling web content as a product instead of a service. If that sounds great to you, drop your email into the form below!

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If you’re used to going back and forth with clients, that’s not what I need. I need fast articles. I don’t want to take up a lot of your time for these! If you write and produce content FAST, this will be a moneymaker for you.

One major difference here is that after you write the content and AFTER I release it to sell, you get to use it however you like. That’s because it’s PLR. So if you’re a coach, you can take back the content you wrote for our site, customize and spin it to use in your own product creation.

PLR is like that.

Another major difference is that if you’re willing to break out and launch a PLR site of your own, we can team up and sell each other’s content as affiliates. So if you wanted to make MORE on the articles that I pay you to write, you can sign up as an AFFILIATE of mine and then make commissions each time I SELL another pack of the very same articles that YOU wrote for my site.

Crazy, right?

I know this is totally what you may not be used to, and that’s okay if it’s not your bag. But… if you’re open to new opportunities and want to take a shot at writing PLR for pay, sign up using the form below.



We respect your email privacy