How to Find My WordPress Login Page

WordPress is pretty useful if you have a business website that you want to post lots of content for. If your website is on WordPress, it means you can manage your website from anywhere and add content or make changes on the fly.

One problem that people who aren’t used to websites have is that they don’t know how to get to their WordPress login page. This is the page where you must enter your admin credentials such as username and password. I think people get stuck on this somewhat minor but nevertheless pain-in-the-butt fact of having your own website that you manage yourself. They don’t know how to get to this page in the first place.

So let me clear things up for you. If you’ve installed WordPress as your chosen content management system for your website, this is the trick you need to know to get to your login page.

Type the following into your browser:

Your domain name.

So if your domain is, type that in. BUT don’t hit return yet, because you have more to type into the browser yet.

The next half of what you need to be typing in almost always is the same no matter whose website it is or what the domain is.

So after your domain, you would type in the following, on the same line:


So your link would look like this:

(Replace “” with your own URL)

The full link if you’re Donny trying to post on his donuts website would be…

In many cases, the standard blog design template that came with your WordPress install has what is known as “meta” information in the sidebar (if you’re on a desktop PC) or after the scroll if you’re using the mobile view from your phone.

A direct link to your website login might live right there in the meta area of your blog. What does meta mean? Well, I really have no idea. That would require me to Google and I don’t fee like it at this moment.  Maybe we’ll explore that on another day.