What Does a Cowboy Know About Niche Marketing that You Should Know Too?

One thing that we all strive for in the content creation world here is a way to spin the same old message around an exciting niche!

If you are someone who either sells pre-written articles or buys them, this is good information for you to think about and use in your business.

I learned everything I know about niches from a smart cowboy that I spotted on YouTube.

He was cooking scrambled eggs over a campfire. He had his big hat on. He was doing his cowboy thing.

He was sharing his recipe for cowboy scrambled eggs.

I don’t remember exactly what was in it. But he took a regular country omelet type of meal and cranked up the cowboy factor.

An ordinary omelette made with peppers and eggs and some other goodies became cowboy campfire food.

And who doesn’t want to cook a scrambled eggs recipe that came from a cowboy?

My point is that when you get nichey with it, you’ve got to get specific and hone in on an audience. Like cowboys!

That’s exactly how to think when you’re publishing prewritten articles and ebook content on Wordfeeder.com.

Take the ordinary articles and spin it for a niche. So if you pick up some articles on how to monetize a blog, inject some nichey goodness.

  • Blog monetization for the social media clueless
  • Blog monetization for people who don’t have time to blog
  •  How to make money with a blog, senior edition

Do you see how we took a generic topic and spun it to several audiences? That’s what the cowboy did. And when you buy pre-written articles from plr providers like Wordfeeder, that’s how you figure out how to spin the content to a new audience over and over again!

By spinning it, you get to ring out every ounce of profit potential in what’s being taught. And it sounds different and unique, and talks to a different group of people every single time! 

Try it now. Head over to Wordfeeder and sign up for a free PLR membership.

Download an article and practice spinning it for a niche.

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Get your wheels turning with ideas on what to do with PLR content right now:

  • Set up blog posts
  • Make an ebook opt-in gift
  • Create a bigger ebook to sell
  • Combine the ebook with a video course and put it up for purchase on Teachable
  • Add questionnaires and journaling assignments along with the ebook content and use it in your work with clients
  • Take the same articles, questions and journal assignments and make into a group coaching class that people can access via social media or in a series of email auto responders
  • Set up several articles to go out automatically on email and make it into an Email Challenge on a specific topic of interest
  • Grab one article and send it out as an email newsletter to remind people that you’re out there and can help them!

I really could just go on and on. But instead I think maybe you can find out for yourself when you sign up for the Wordfeeder PLR membership today