Exact Steps to Set Up a Digital Course Using Amember Autoresponder and Your WordPress Blog

  • Do you dream of selling digital products online, but you’re confused by the steps needed to set everything up?
  • Want to turn your WordPress blog into a digital product selling machine?

NO more waiting and wondering. No more feeling stuck in one spot on the online business learning curve.

Wordfeeder has a Free Digital Product Selling Tutorial for you to download and learn from immediately. Get it free when you sign up for their Done-for-You Content Membership at the free level.

Your tutorial will arrive instantly as a Word-compatible document. Here’s what you get:

  1. Purpose of Your Course Setup
  2. What This Tutorial Teaches
  3. Walk Through the Course-Buying Experience Now
  4. HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED Before You Set Up Your Course
  5. How to Set Up the Course
  6. Other actions you can take to drive sales of your course
  7. GREAT Reasons to Use PLR Content to Create Your Online Autoresponder Course or Challenge 

Learn more about the digital course creation setup tutorial and sign up on Wordfeeder here.

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Okay, so after you learn how to set up a digital product for sale, where will you get a digital product?

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