How to Find Buyers for Your Digital Product

Let’s explore the steps of getting buyers for your digital product. This is the short version. I have a longer, more detailed version for you here. It’s FREE when you sign up for a Wordfeeder basic membership and get on our list.

Step one is to get a niche blog going.

Step two is to gather content to create your course with.

Step three is to start collecting email addresses of people who would be interested in your course on a specific topic.

Step four is to set up the automation of your course. Use an auto responder like a Weber to do this.

Step five is to set up your product for purchase on PayPal.

Step 6 is create a sales page on your website where people can learn all about what’s included in the course and any special offer you’re running.

Step 7, market your course. Let your main email list know about it. Tell your social media followers. Post announcements about it on your blog. Publish a news release and related articles.

Step eight. Launch your course! Let your list know it’s available for sale. Make the buy button live.

Create a set of autoresponders that market the course. Each day, share some reasons why the course would benefit people or offer some tips. Then add a link to the course’s main sales page.

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