Find the Expert in You Workbook for Business Coaches

Business Coach! Do undecided clients have you worried that you’ll be blamed? How so? They have an idea of a business they want to create. But then, halfway through the process, they change their minds… or things aren’t working the way they expected.

This is a common scenario. People sign on for business coaching hours. But then they aren’t exactly sure what they want to do, and begin to view you as someone who may be confusing the issue, when really, it’s that they keep changing their minds.

Your business coaching clients ultimately want to know how they can make money online. They have big ideas for what could be, but they aren’t firm on details.

The best way for your clients (or anyone) to create a profitable business is by sharing what they know, are an expert in, and can teach others. This is an essential preliminary and precursor to success.

Do your clients know where their expertise lies?

This Done-for-You Workbook will help you assist them. It’s a beautiful professional piece to add to your coaching arsenal of tools and client discovery exercises.

This workbook will be perfect for you to help them get crystal clear on that. You want to be sure that there’s no back pedaling, discouragement, or false impression that you’re taking them in circles when the path should be a straight line.

With a workbook like this, you’ll be guiding them along the right path from the get-go.

Designer Lynette Chandler has created this beautiful, professional quality workbook pack to help you usher your coaching clients through this necessary discovery process before they embark on goals.

They can use the workbook package to discover their talents, skills and strengths and how those can be marketable.

Help them lock in on exactly what they should be pursuing because it’s what they love, what they are good at, where their gifts lie and what they were born to do!

You got a special discount if you grab this workbook package before March 22nd. It’s just $23, no coupon needed to get the early bird pricing!

Great coaching tool to add to your arsenal and pull out next time someone comes with you wanting to create a business or figure out their next professional move.

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