A Simple Guide to Book Writing from Coach Glue

What do you do when your client comes to you wanting to write a book?

What about when you want to write a book?

It’s an exciting yet daunting prospect. The biggest deterrent is overwhelm plus fear of the unknown. How can you do something that you’ve never done before, like write a book?

Your client likely does not have the first clue about how to write a book. He or she may have some experience with blogging or sending out an email newsletter.

But writing a book is a whole nother ball game, and the best way to approach it is to have a plan.

Coach Glue is giving you a plan right now. You get the private label rights to change, add your branding and sell or giveaway this book writing planner to your clients and followers.

Book Writing Planner: What to Do With It?

  • Help Clients Plan their Books.
  • Sell It as an Emailed Mini Course.
  • Add as a Member Area Bonus.
  • Create a VIP Day With It!

What’s included?

The best thing to give your overwhelmed clients who want to write a book is an organized plan. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this private label rights product.

Walk them through the steps of selecting a topic, determining chapters, creating an outline of the book’s contents, setting deadlines for producing, and much more.

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