Backing Up Your Precious Data as a Small Business Owner

One big mistake small business and online business owners make is not having a protection plan in place to save their data and content.

This is what you might call tech smarts level 2.

Why? Because the blogging and list management and things that bring you income online can be overwhelming to a newbie.

It’s a lot to wrap your head around. There’s a learning curve. If you don’t have a lot of capital to invest in your business up front, protecting your information may not be a priority.

But eventually it will be. It has to be. You’re going to accumulate information. There’s no way around that, and every niche applies.

What sort of information do you want to protect?

  • Files that contain your customer data
  • Files that you’ve used as an information resource
  • Your business financials
  • Legal contracts and client agreements
  • Files of your website and online content publishing
  • Image files, articles, resources, spreadsheets, market projections, website files and much much more.

You have a few different options when looking to back up your data. Here’s a great one that will be kind to your pocketbook.

Backblaze is a trusted online backup source that you can use to protect your information.

This is critical because let’s face it, the black hat creepers are always at work. Sometimes you get a computer virus and need to wipe your hard drive quickly.

You’re going to need those files again later. They are what makes your business run.

Thankfully, you can get your files back up and running in no time if you choose a service like Backblaze Remote Backup.

You’ll be able to access them by logging into Backblaze to access the data from one particular computer.

Quick tip. The first time that you hook Backblaze up to one of your machines, it will seem to take forever for all the files to transfer from your computer to the remote backup area.

However, if you busy yourself with another task, you’ll be okay.

Once this initial backup process completes, future backups won’t take nearly as long.

That’s because if the file is already present in the backup and was not updated, the system knows that it does not need to be replaced.

Backblaze will only upload new or changed files.

So again, it’s really worth it to have patience and take the time to let the program do its thing and upload all of your files for however long it takes the first time.

Interested in getting some backup for your important files and information now?

Backblaze is affordable and easy to use. Find the plan for you today!