Rachel Pedersen’s New Book is Live and Unfiltered

While the rest of the world was hoarding toilet paper and reeling in confusion over mask positions, Rachel Pedersen side-hustled her way into making social media marketing her main hustle.

She’s now one of the top paid freelancers on the internet, and the go to-authority on TikTok for business.

In a very short period of time, Rachel broke seven figures in her freelance career, making her way to the top with fresh advice and a bold and fearless approach to social media sharing.

With all eyes and ears on her and taking gut-punch commentary from critics in stride, Rachel has proven herself to be a bottomless wellspring of information for eager entrepreneurs to gobble up.

On TikTok and Facebook, she has launched numerous online marketing courses, all of which have been enthusiastically received by an appreciative audience of information-hungry fans and followers.

In these she shares her no-holds-barred success secrets for people wanting to move with the changing technology and build their dream business, their way.

Her courses are designed to give people an edge in this increasingly competitive media landscape. She coaches freelance and small business owners on how to launch and bring a business to life on their own terms and in their own time, and create real profits online.

Today she released the first print copies of her new book!

What brings Rachel Peterson to the forefront in the competitive freelance field? The numbers speak the loudest, but it’s much more than that.

She has boldly gone where few dare to tread, baring her three-times-a-mom post pregnancy belly in her TikTok videos where she has had to recover quickly from hateful backlash.

And all the while she continues to freely and generously share social media genius from her bustling home office to nurture a relationship with her captive audience of people just trying to earn money doing what they love and make a life for themselves in these crazy times.

Rachel Pedersen has stirred up controversy  by being raw and real and putting it out there for the world to critique, condemn and congratulate all in one fell swoop.

The belly that she bravely bared on TikTok now graces the cover of her brand new book titled Rachel Pedersen Unfiltered: Proven Strategies to Start and Grow Your Business by Not Following the Rules. 

Her book, destined to become the out-of-the-box go-to guide for freelancers, just hit the Amazon shelves. Rachel and team are offering a bonus gift for the first buyers to grab their copies.

In addition to being the go-to authority on running your TikToks like a champ and feeding all the right content to the algorithm gods, Rachel meets the needs of the burgeoning gig economy with her fresh take on how to build a thriving freelance career on the web.

Rachel also has a message for interested buyers of her new book:

If you are one of the early birds who orders Rachel’s book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble by Sunday, you get a SUPER bonus pack valued at $197 (it’s more like $997 tbh) to help you:

  • Market your business
  • Build a business that you LOVE Be your TRUE self in marketing
  • Generate more sales by breaking all the rules

To get that powerful bonus:

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In the next few months, Rachel’s team will send you the bonus gift!

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