Using Pre-written Articles as a Major Content Marketing Shortcut

Hey, all. If you are still mystified as to how people make money using blogs, let me remind you of how it’s done.

  • Ebook sales
  • Digital product sales
  • Course launches
  • Coaching and teaching packages
  • Services
  • Pay per click ads
  • Affiliate income meaning you’re sharing the link to other people’s products, digital products, ebooks, courses etc

Content marketing major shortcut: buy pre-written articles and edit them, then copy and paste

I want to tell you about a huge time-saving shortcut. You’re supposed to post a large amount of content to your blog if you want to drive a lot of traffic and get going with your various forms of passive income. But you need a ton of content to do that, and the content should also be high quality articles.

So in this video I’m going to explain to you the industry that is known as plr or private label rights as it applies to written content.

PLR articles are very similar to stock images that you download free or purchase for a low price.

You’re probably familiar with stock images that you can find on the web and use in your marketing. This type of content works the same way except it’s articles.

You use the articles to form your own content creations. They’re sold with private label rights which means you get to put your label on them meaning your brand.

Tips for branding with PLR or pre-written articles and making them your own

If you purchase PLR or private label rights content you should know that other people are buying the same content.

If you’re selling eBooks and courses created from the private label rights content you buy, it really shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re publishing as articles in your blog you definitely want to change some of the content to sound like you. More on that in a minute.

Business and Life Coaches purchase brandable courses, plr articles and more to cut their productivity time and launch in a matter of days instead of months

Take business coaching, for example. There are tons of business coaches out there but a single client will only be working with one coach. So if two coaches sell the same ebook under their own brand, it is not very likely at all that the clients who work with these coaches are going to come across the same ebook content twice. And if they do come across it, they’re not going to buy it because they already bought it!

Here’s how to be smart about publishing pre-written articles in your blog

If you’re publishing this content in your blog in order to drive traffic and signups, that’s a great thing to do. But you also want to be smart about it.

As long as you change headlines, switch points around, pepper in some of your own ideas and change the intro, you really don’t have any worry that other people are posting the same articles as you.

Once you change these elements of an article, it really becomes your own.

It’s very simple and quick to disguise PLR content. You just have to get into the flow of doing it before you publish it live on your website or blog.

If you use PLR, make sure it’s high quality pre-written articles from a reputable source

If you’re a coach or an expert or someone who publishes to a specific niche and you’re trying to drive traffic, you’ll do it faster and better with PLR articles on your side.

You can cut and paste, combine article sets, break up into blurbs and individual tips, change the content anyway you like, move it here and there and everywhere.

If you’re hoping to speed up content production to sell more digital products like courses and ebooks, then it’ll help to have a source of private label rights articles available.

Use the prewritten articles to build your list and make the money

You can post the articles in your blog everyday. You can share the links to your posts on social media. You can send out emails sharing the articles as well. And then you can offer upsells to your paid products, like ebooks and courses. And that’s how you make the money.

I will warn you though. Some people who sell content and call it PLR get it from the cheapest sources possible. Not trying to put down anyone from a different country but if you’re publishing in English and you’re publishing with the intention of sharing valuable information then you want the articles to reflect that.

It’s less likely to happen when a high school student from a third world country is the person who wrote your article.

So even though you might see content that’s cheap, cheaper, and rock bottom low price, don’t just fall to that temptation. Get a good PLR or brandable content source.

Lots of moms like me came from a marketing background. We’ve got English majors out here in the field of PLR, we’ve got communication experts and we just have a connection to some really smart people who happen to write and run their own marketing and coaching businesses from home. It makes sense for our hectic schedule and how we like to work, so this is what we do. Nice to meet you. 🙂

I will put you in touch with the best sources of pre-written articles, private label rights ebooks and such

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