List Building for Passive Income. Where to Start.

You post to social media every day. No one seems to sign up or buy anything from you. What is the problem?

The problem is that social media peeps are just scrolling and trolling. Most people on Facebook aren’t looking to whip out their credit card number.

What is the best way to connect with people who will actually buy what you offer? You must get them on an email list.

Email is much more powerful than social media because you are reaching out to a specific person and showing up in their inbox.

It just feels like you’re talking to them personally rather than addressing a massive crowd.

Email is also the place people go when they’re ready to get down to business. Think about it. When you want to order something online, what do you do?

You go directly to a website like Amazon, or you open your email and see something compelling in there like a special sale.

Can you send emails from your personal inbox? No. There’s a limit to the number that you can send out before you’re maxed out by your hosting server.

There’s also the danger of being listed as a spammer. Don’t do it. What’s that happens your emails don’t reach anyone.

A list management service like Aweber will run you about the price of a cart full of groceries for one year of service.

If you actively begin to email marketing you can make that back in less than a month and then put your numbers into the positive.

How to get people on your list? Post some good content on social media or your blog. Add a call to action at the end. Tell them to sign up for your list and supply the link.

Once you start to see people signing up from a form on your website, you can then set up all kinds of neat things using Aweber.

Possibilities. Send out a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly email update.

Dream up another offer and send it out to your list anytime. Sales come in. Cha-ching!

Make money online. Start email marketing already.

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