A Web Hosting Company You Can Trust for Real

Web hosting is the backbone of your online business. You can’t have a website without hosting.

You probably have heard of different hosting companies, or maybe you’ve seen the big brands showing up in all the right spots.

I’m here to tell you that even though some web hosts might dominate with their great big brand presence, they can fall short in many ways that affect your business.

Typical web hosting problems that can prevent you from succeeding with your online business:

  • Web hosting user control panel lacks essential features, and it’s difficult to get in touch with a human being.
  • User area is clunky and difficult to navigate.
  • Hard to tell the difference between products you have purchased versus products they are currently marketing to customers.
  • Service is spotty, sometimes the server is down at inconvenient times.
  • Customer service directs you to automated, boilerplate messages that aren’t helpful to your individual problem.
  • Web host seems more about trying to get you to upgrade rather than matching your needs and budget to their available products.
  • Security is up to you. Lack of protection leaves you feeling vulnerable and unsure of how to guard against hackers and attackers.

Let me tell you the hallmarks of an amazing web hosting company:

  • Personalized, mom and pop service + solid investment in the best technology and protection for your website.
  • Intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to use control panel.
  • Backups and virus protection are integrated with the hosting package and hosting tools.
  • WordPress integration included so you don’t have to worry about my SQL database hassles, PHP upgrades and other tech snafus.
  • Straightforward pricing. You know what you’re getting because it’s clearly laid out in front of you.
  • Helpful, problem-specific, personalized service is available via email around the clock.
  • Real conversations, real troubleshooting  and attention to your unique issues. My support guy who answers all my queries is named Scott. He rules.
  • Platform delivers the most up-to-date self-serving website hosting tools and marketing solutions.
  • Education is available at every turn. Important information is shared each time you request support. Detailed and informative documentation is available on all software included with your hosting package.
  • Payment plans accommodate your budget and it is easy to renew, add a new service, or cancel as needed.

I give my wholehearted, enthusiastic endorsement of Momwebs hosting.

If your current host makes you feel invisible, make the switch to Momwebs

If this is your first time getting a website and web hosting, make the right choice from the start! Momwebs is all that and more.