Why is Facebook on the Way Out?

How do you feel about Facebook these days? What do you think of when you hear the word? Here’s what I think of…

Endless arguments on Facebook groups.

Honestly I think of local people on local forums complaining and arguing about everything. Just arguing and arguing and arguing. It’s like everyone brought their evil doppelganger to Facebook and is just unleashing frustrations on the world.

Business owners working hard to post their updates.

That’s the first thing I think of. Then I think of all the entrepreneurs on there putting all of their time and effort into taking pictures of their physical stores that they run, their product line. I think of them logging in then trying to do right by every person who challenges or questions them on their public page.

Everybody’s on Facebook, so everyone knows everything.

I also think of all the conversations I’ve had at in-person get togethers where you try to tell someone a joke you heard or something interesting that you came across and they nod their head and say yeah I saw that one. Facebook LOL.

Bored users looking for a conflict or just being completely unimpressed.

I think of me trying to connect with people on Facebook, thinking actual cohesive thoughts and typing them into comments only to be completely misunderstood, argued with, condemned, unfriended, etc… Or probably worst of all just getting a couple of drive-by likes.

Emoji reactions on Facebook causing mass confusion and being irrelevant.

Likes and frowny-faces are really no way to forge a relationship or feel connected to other humans.

I think of time and effort I have put into promoting business ads on Facebook only to have some random profile, a picture of an old bald guy, telling me that what I wrote is bullshit. Or people coming over to my business posts and dropping a laughter emoji but nothing was funny.

Facebook addiction. Empty, unsatisfying, damaging in-person connection with real people!

I also think of getting together with family members who I will not name and watching the person eventually withdraw from our conversation around the table and start scrolling. And then they’re scrolling and scrolling and then they’re asking me and my child to look at pictures of other people who are not there.

That infuriates me the most about Facebook! The fact that people, myself included, get sucked into the feed and then we become inaccessible to the people around us.

Memes. So Many Memes.

I also think of memes! So many meaningless memes. Four words and everyone has their own interpretation of what those word mean and everyone’s giving a like and a thumbs up meanwhile I don’t have any clue what the person who shared that post was thinking because it’s just vagueness!

Social Media Mass Confusion, Major Time Suck, Negative Practices on Facebook, More!

I also think that Facebook is no good now because everyone is there and it’s all in writing. What’s the worst thing that you can do? Put your thoughts in writing? And that’s what we do on Facebook. So there’s so much room for interpretation gone wrong, misunderstanding, screenshots used as evidence to slander people, getting into in person predicaments because someone saw something you said on Facebook and took it the wrong way.

I’m ready for Facebook to go.

I’m sorry but I’ve had enough. Just so done with that little red alert in the corner making me log in only to find out that someone in my circle posted something that has nothing to do with me. Alerts used to be relevant to the user. You only received one if someone had responded to YOUR comment, messaged you, wanted to be added to your group, etc.. Then we started getting alerted when someone liked our post. Okay… venturing a little more into counterproductive territory.

Attention-Getting Behavior from Facebook = Lame.

Facebook has used their platform to become utterly self serving, like the worst friend on your list (probably me LOL) who’s constantly engaging in attention-getting antics for more looks, likes and clicks.

What will happen in a post-apocalyptic Facebook world?

What will Mark Zuckerberg do when everyone realizes that Facebook is no good anymore because everyone’s there? He’s going to have to sell that data to somebody. And then he’s going to go do something else.

A new world. A fresh start. Peace and love. Just like the Bible said.

What will we evolve to in a post apocalyptic Facebook world? I wonder.