Who Needs Coffee? Time to Crank Up Content Production for the Bank to Roll In

A note from Dina of Wordfeeder to all you niche marketers out there:

Who needs coffee when I’m here to yell at you about doing something great for your business?

Hey, wake up! It’s another beautiful day. Tim Ferriss aptly pointed out that when the market dips is when a spot opens up for you to claim glorious dominance over your niche.

He didn’t say it in those words, those are my words. But they’re true and it was his to make. If your jaw has been dropping while everyone flocks over to video content, no worries.

What actually happened is that a bunch of people just left the building and gave you front and center stage to sing your song in tune with the remaining fans.

The ones that are sticking around are more likely to pay attention because they are waiting and wanting to hear from you.

Instead of the mindless clickers and scrollers you’re left with the people who mean business. So don’t slack off now or I’m going to come over there and slap you. Haha just kidding, I love you guys!!

Next time you Google and a bunch of junk pops up remember this. That’s a sign that there’s open space for intelligent life forms to creep in. This could be you and your website if you put your nose to the grindstone.

If you publish to a niche but when you Google you don’t see your own website, something is wrong. I’m here to help you fix that.

If you think it’s going to take hours of writing to start ranking, guess again. 

I have already written piles and masses of gorgeous content for you to turn into info products, edit and post on your blog and get your brand front and center.

The people who left to go watch videos didn’t like reading anyway. So now your audience is open and ready for you. Do you feel me here?

This week is an amazing opportunity for you to get cozy with the content we have in our member area. Why? Because I have reduced the price to 50% off. Because I’m cool like that, yo.

Forget the overwhelm. Focus. 

Here’s what to do.

Sign up for the business, life coach and weight loss memberships.

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Login. All your content is in the top menu.

Turn your brain on and click the membership that you ordered.

Click on a set of articles to download that moves you and will move your readers.

Open up and download the file. I have more tips for you on how to paste it into a blog post. Those are below.

The coupon codes that I gave out this week are for 50% off and 60% off, multiple use. You get to use them three times.

The latest one was for 60% off. The code is BUILDITOUT. It’s because I’m building out the Wordfeeder site. Pray for me. I’m like a loose cannon in the back end.

I’m running 50% off the PLR memberships (business, weight loss, life coach articles) for a week. Here are the direct links to these. Use coupon code 50PERCENT to get these for half price. They’re each regularly $11.97.

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If you sign up you’ll get instant access to all of our 2021 articles (12 months of releases, min 7K words EACH month), AND you get instant access to the monthly content releases for Jan through Sept, 2022. Click through each of the below links to see the full list of article topics and titles. 

These articles can be edited and shared in your blog, socials, made into ebooks, lead magnets, courses, workshops, client teaching materials and newsletters to print or email out. They come with private label rights so you get to brand them as yours.

Who needs coffee when I’m here to yell at you about doing something great for your business?

Okay, so let’s talk about using Google docs from your smart phone to post content on the go.

Some content customers have told me they only post content from their desktop computer. That’s great and all, and I was once the same way.

But if you want to get more content publishing tasks accomplished while out and about, do this.

Set your phone to network connection instead of wifi so you don’t get hacked. (when you upload the images you may want to switch back to wifi so they load faster – or you can wait til later).

Log into your blogs and socials from your smart phone.

Log into your Wordfeeder member account and download the MS Word file you want to paste content from.

Go into the Files area of your phone’s storage. Find the file you want, and “share” it to Google Drive.

Go back to the Files area and click the Word file to open. Google docs will load and open the document. Copy some or all of the text you plan to share.

Go back to your blog and create a new page or post. Flip to the Text side and paste in the content. Flip to the visual side and edit it, apply headline treatments, etc.

Don’t forget a search engine friendly title AND SEO tooled category section.

Run over to Pexels .com to grab a quick pic to download. 

Go back to the blog post editing area and upload the image to either the post body itself, or the Featured Image section.

Edit and check everything. Add your short bio, call to action and link to upsells or affiliate products if applicable. 

Hit publish. 

Delete the MS Word file from your device to save room in storage and not suck up all the battery juice. 

Share the link to your new blog post on all your fave social spots.

You can also visit the post, copy and paste the entire thing, paste it into a new broadcast to send your email list, and then push send.

Again, for half price on the memberships, use coupon code 50PERCENT. 

Again, these are the memberships. Your profit producing content is waiting for you!

Business PLR Monthly Topics

Life Coach PLR Monthly Topics

Weight Loss PLR Monthly Topics

You can also use the code for anything in the PLR index

Thanks for supporting Wordfeeder. I appreciate your business and wish you the best of success!