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Here’s what we have for you at Wordfeeder for this month’s content releases for our business, life coach and weight loss monthly. July’s topics include:

Business PLR Monthly: Self Care for Business Owners PLR.

Articles include:

1. Intro
2. Stress, Self Care and the Small Business Owner
3. Take That Sick Day: Self Care is Important for a Business Owner
4. Small Business Owners Who Neglect Self Care Will Eventually Suffer the Consequences
5. Stressed Out Business Owners Should Prioritize Self Care: Here’s How
6. The Mind of a Business Owner is Always On: Self Care Can Help You Power Down
7. Online or Tech Based Business Owner? Stretch Away the Stress
8. For Online and Tech Based Business Owners: Self Care for Eye Health
9. Self Care for Business Owners Includes Taking Needed Down Time
10. Self Care for Business Owners to Help You Get Happy
11. Self Care for Business Owners Means Blocking Out Thoughts of Work on Your Day Off
12. Vacation Time is Important for Your Self Care as a Business Owner
13. Self Care for Business Owners Means Choosing Healthy and Nourishing Foods
14. Make Power Naps an Important Part of Self Care as a Business Owner
15. Self Care for Business Owners: Keep Your Blood and Creativity Flowing with Short Bursts of Activity

Life Coach PLR Monthly: For People Pleasers Who Want Stronger Boundaries PLR.

Titles include:

1. Stop Being a People Pleaser
2. Is it Bad to be a People Pleaser?
3. Are You a People Pleaser?
4. Do People Pleasers Hold Themselves to a Higher Standard of Perfection?
5. Tame Your People Pleasing Ways by Discovering What You Need
6. Daily Mantras for People Pleasers to Create Balance in Relationships
7. Do People Pleasers Think Differently Than Everyone Else?
8. Practices to Put in Place to Lessen Your People Pleasing Tendency
9. People Pleasers Should Not Give Up on the World and Here’s Why
10. People Pleasers and Codependence
11. Exploring the Reasons People Pleasers Struggle with Self Worth
12. People Pleasers Should Seek the Company of Gentle, Forgiving and Supportive Souls
13. Boundaries Pose a Special Challenge for People Pleasers
14. Tips for People Pleasers Wanting to Strengthen Boundaries
15. Ways for People Pleasers to Tend Their Own Spirit and Deliver Care to Themselves

Weight Loss PLR Monthly: Weight Loss Tricks for Halloween Season PLR

Titles include:

  1. How to Stay on Track with Weight Loss Goals During Halloween Season
  2. What to Eat at Halloween Parties When You’re Trying to Lose Weight
  3. For a Healthier Halloween, Make Jack-O’-Lantern Fruit and Veggie Snacks
  4. Healthy Food Project: Zucchini Jack-O’-Lanterns with Yogurt Dip
  5. Healthy Halloween Recipe: Bell Pepper Jack-O’-Lanterns with Hummus
  6. Healthy Halloween Recipe: Baked Apple Crisp Jack-O’-Lanterns
  7. Turkey Meatball Witch Heads for Your Halloween Party Menu
  8. Healthy Halloween Recipe: Crab Stuffed Mushroom Spider Snacks
  9. Healthy Halloween Recipe: Frankensquash Heads
  10. Tricks for Staying Skinny this Halloween Season
  11. Emphasize Fall Fitness with Outdoor Exercise
  12. Stay Fit as a Fall Fashionista: Weight Loss Mindset is About Looking and Feeling GREAT!
  13. The Right Way to do Pumpkin Spice When You’re Trying to Eat Healthy at Halloween Time
  14. How to Add Powerful Pumpkin Spices to Your Diet for Beneficial Weight Loss
  15. Make Healthy Chai at Home for Weight Loss

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