What Will Happen to Your Affiliate Links after Web Cookies Go Away

Hey, so… I don’t know if anyone told you, but cookies are going away. Not the chocolate chip kind. The web kind.

You know, those things that we pretty much had no awareness of since the inception of the internet, but then for the past two years those super annoying messages have been popping up requesting that we accept cookies in order to properly view and use the content on whatever website we had surfed to.

I would imagine that someone from Google or whomever controls the internets got the idea that if they annoyed the crap out of us over cookies for a while, we wouldn’t mind so much if cookies suddenly disappeared; in fact, maybe we’d actually enjoy that.

So when I heard cookies wouldn’t be with us much longer, I thought, well, if that means advertisers can no longer stalk me with their creepy targeting, then that’s great. But then today I had another thought.

As a content seller and web business owner, I and many of my associates rely on cookies to tag other people’s products with our affiliate ID so we can make money. I was wondering if that was the case. So I Googled that in the parking lot of the post office. In ten seconds I had my answer.

The answer according to the article that I stumbled on was that you could still use cookies that attached to affiliate links. These types of cookies are not going to be affected. Or something like that. I had a video on this that I made, but I deleted it.