What Does Fear Have to do with Your Business?

A lot of business coaches and life coaches  talk about fear and what holds us back. For years I thought that was such a weird thing to say. I’m not fearful. What is everyone talking about?

I think that in order to face your “fear,” so you can overcome it, you have to move past the mental block that tells you you’re not fearful.

Honestly though. It’s the word that stops me. When I think of fear I think of a little kitten trembling in the corner or something terrifying like Freddy Krueger.

But when I think of the things that hold us back from doing well in our business pursuits, fear is not the word that comes to mind… although you could say that a limited mindset is actually based in fear.

Fear is what society uses to manipulate us. Fear is what big companies wield in order to get money out of our pockets and bank accounts. Fear is about the what-ifs.

I had a woman contact me who was purchasing some content off my other website. She really was hesitant and actually fearful. What was she afraid of? Failing. Looking silly. Not being successful at creating a business.

I was surprised. If she hadn’t said those things I would think her business was as good as anyone else. Why would I expect her to fail?

People who have healthy and even large egos don’t really bring fear into the equation. If they fail, they just pick up and start over wherever they left off.

It really is about how you feel about yourself. Nothing else. I guess you could also say that having a healthy dose of reality will help you reach your business goals and keep you out of a fearful mentality.

If you have fear about your business, try to move past it with the following habits.

If other people talk about the what-ifs, just ignore them. You can’t be successful if you’re struggling in self-doubt. It’s back to that ego again. Set a reality based goal for yourself and you should be good.

If other people tell you that you should be doing something else instead of having a business, shut them out, too. They’re looking at life with some kind of tunnel vision. They say the words that other people said to them. But a lot of the words have no substance and are designed to hold you back.

The way to break out of your fear based mindset, or your limiting thoughts, is to experience more. Make mistakes. Screw up. Get angry. Come down on yourself and others if they get in your way.

Then get over it and take the next step. Getting over it and moving on is really the key.

Once you plow through the challenges that caused you to not reach your goal, you will find that it gets easier and easier.

Now you know what to do and how to go about doing it.

So there’s nothing to be fearful of.

Is fear holding you back from building the business of your dreams? Give fear a big old punch in the nose and move along to where you want to be.