What Do Ketchup and Your Web Content Have in Common?

So, yesterday I looked in my fridge to discover that we’re low on ketchup and mayo. I wondered, how can this be? I don’t feel like we at a lot of hamburgers this summer.

I also don’t feel that I’ve made many mayonnaise-based foods. Although… I must have! It looks like I need to restock these condiments before the busy rush of back to school and back to online business!!

This reminded me of your web content. Why? Because I’m a nerd, and that’s what I think about. That said, just like those condiments in your fridge, you have to restock your blog with more web content. Here’s a video on that if you prefer spoken tips. I do not… but I’m trying to move with times here.

Huh? Well, yeah, you can’t just put some tips up on your blog and call it a day. The task is ongoing.

Let me guess. You probably came in a few months ago with some fresh web articles and blog posts, thinking you were the shizz. Your articles attracted the right people and you started getting some search engine love. That feels great, doesn’t it!? Organic SEO doing its job.

But then what happened? The content got old. When you went to search your own keywords, your noticed that other people’s blogs had robbed your rightful spot at the top of the search results.

What is up with this!? Remember the ketchup and mayo, it’s time to restock.

Where are you going to get content? Well, you have lots of options.

You could write a tip a day… it’s not hard, just dictate into your phone as you’re running around taking care of your business.

Or… you could hire a writer to create it for you. I do that, just email me and maybe we can set something up.