Time to check your keywords, niche marketers

If you’re trying to sell digital goods but you don’t think of yourself as a niche marketer then you need to rethink where you’re coming from.

The web is all about niches, categories, words and pure logic. That’s all it is. If someone out there is searching for college dorm room hacks and that’s what you are talking about and you’ve used those keywords, then that person is going to find you.

The web is literally a matchup between you and other people who use your same words to look for what they want, which you have.

August is a good time of year to assess your keywords and see how your pages are performing.

Some people don’t realize that once they publish a web post or web page, they are free to change it anytime, and that page will get reindexed or updated by search engines.

So if you were sloppy with your publishing and you did not use those keywords that will get you all the traffic, there’s still always another chance for you to fix it.

Pick a page to drive targeted traffic to and analyze it for keyword effectiveness.

Step one is to choose one of the deeper content pages of your site and see what’s on there. It’s best to select a category page. If you don’t have categories it might be a good idea to get some. Categories also drive traffic with keywords.

Finesse your keywords.

Pick a good page that you were hoping would drive you lots of digital product sales. Check the page titles and H1 and H2 headlines to see what keywords you’ve been using. Use a keyword tracker such as word tracker.com to help you finesse your keywords and update your phrases as necessary.

Update your digital products and services if needed.

Set a goal to create new digital products or drive traffic to existing digital products by publishing more content that covers the same topic using the same or similar keywords that you were planning to target.

August is definitely the time of year to do a keyword assessment and zero in on your niche. There’s always a jump in web searching activity as the seasons change. So make sure that your website will be seen for all the right search terms and make sure you’ve got timely products set up and ready to go!

If you’re planning on targeting a niche, publishing to that niche, growing your list and selling useful digital products that help people solve problems and learn new things then you’re going to need content. Lots and lots of it! Don’t spend thousands and don’t waste all your time struggling to write.

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