TikTok is Blowing Up. Here’s What that Means for Your Biz or Side Gig

Hey all. I may be an old mama who still thinks of the AIDA method when writing marketing copy. But I know what’s up and I have been studying TikTok with great interest. If you’re all about creating income using that platform then keep on reading.

I screenshotted that woman featured in the top of my post just show you just how big TikTok is becoming very quickly. If you want to put yourself out there you really have to start getting into video. I know for myself I have got a lot I still need to learn. I don’t even know how to splice a video at this point.

So how does this fit in with a business coaching world? You are getting the chance to show up and express yourself in a really fun and free way. This is my kind of communication!

Coach Glue, leaders in done for you business coaching content, is right on time with their shift into creating video content. I see this very clearly especially after my TikTok explorations.

They have somewhat eased away from offering complete courses, which they still do for those who deliver high level content to their coaches. Rightfully so.

(Courses are also blowing up but there’s also that segment of the population that’s trying to recover in a post pandemic world. Products like the one featured here that is offered at a reduced price are going to accomplish that nicely.)

Coach Glue is currently helping business professionals show up in the video realm by providing pre-written video scripts that coaches and experts like you and your clients can turn into video tutorials to share with your own audience. This is mint!! They are still on their game but should we be surprised?

This is really really important because the entire world is headed toward video and with the 5G rollout having in conjunction with all that it’s only going to become even more of a TV based world.

Trust me this is happening. I’ve been putting the theory to the test. Checking out The TikTok world in a very detailed way and I have to tell you it’s really refreshing. Here’s what I really love about it. This platform is coming into its own right now. It’s a promising future for anybody who has skills, including but not limited to artistic talent is in their element on TikTok and that even includes culinary experts…

Anybody offering life hacks, art displays, tutorials on how to do amazing things like grow stuff, build stuff, create and express your artistic side is going to really excel on TikTok if they get their act together right now and get a profile going.

I’d just like to say here, jingles are going to come back too. They already are. If you’re a musical person you are going to make a lot of money on jingles so don’t leave that on the table.

Okay so back to Coach Glue.

This video script helps your clients learn how to use video in their business. It’s a must-have for the times. 5G is coming and everybody’s going to be communicating with videos. Your clients do not want to be left behind. Sweep them along thanks to courses like this!!

Comes with a video script, full workbook, sales page and social posts. You can start selling your new video training and/or workbook as soon as this week!

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Thanks for taking a minute to read my updates and explore the online business tips I have to offer you!

Please note that the screenshots featured in this post are in no way affiliated with our our company or with coach glue. They were meant to be an example of how outrageous and expressive people are becoming on the TikTok platform

I’m truly wishing you the very best of success.