Should You Target Your Writing, Design or Marketing Services Locally?

I did a couple of writing projects for a marketing agency recently. The owner looked at my website and suggested that I do a better job of targeting locally.

I actually have a separate website for that. It’s a giveback project where I currently publish other people’s articles for free. This is helping me to build a name in the area. Am I anxious for local clients? Not really.

Why? Because local clients aren’t necessarily better. And if you work online then you can partner up for success with anyone in the world.

The conversation I had with the person who owned the marketing agency made me flashback to all of my active years working as a copywriter on the web.

Back then, I attracted clients by publishing articles on how to write excellent sales copy.

My clients came from all over the United States, and some even from overseas.

If I had to name drop my favorite people to work with, it would be the following:

  • A success coach based out of Wisconsin
  • A women’s empowerment coach in Southern California
  • A low water landscaping designer in Southern California
  • A gourmet food purveyor hailing from Vermont
  • A creator of educational materials for homeschooling parents residing in Minnesota
  • A real estate company in Long Island, New York
  • An engineering firm in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • A diamond jewelry purveyor in the UK
  • An executive virtual assistant in Ohio
  • A career coach in Georgia
  • A life coach from Massachusetts
  • The manager of an RV park out in Missouri
  • An occupational therapy center in New Jersey
  • A mold remediation company whose location I’m not even sure of
  • A culinary school in Rhode Island
  • A virtual assistant in Gloversville, New York
  • A nutritionist whose location I can’t remember!

This is just a small sampling of the many clients I have worked with where the projects flowed easily, I felt mentally on the same page as the people whom I worked for, and we enjoyed that synergy of an effortless partnership for our projects together.

So when a person asks me, why am I not targeting my local area… it’s because honestly, I find that limiting.

I’ve actually run into some issues working for local people. This may be true for you as well, or not. It really depends on the general pervading mindset and attitude.

If you live in a competitive region where people place high value in getting ahead and outdoing their colleagues, friends and neighbors, then it’s not going to be very enjoyable to work as a freelancer if you’ve limited your business exposure to your own backyard.

The internet has the power to push you out farther… and the more content you publish, the more likely you will be to connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world!

I did cross paths with some great clients who lived in my home state. But I don’t regret for a minute that the first time around, I managed to attract business from all over.

Actually now that I’m thinking about it, most of the negative experiences I had were with local agencies!

One guy keylogged my computer. Another woman was such a bitch that I just walked out on the job. A third woman I don’t think ever spoke two words to me for the entire time I temped for her small agency.

The point is, if people who live in your town or local area aren’t particularly nice, when you work virtually you don’t even have to deal with them.

I’d rather offer my talent to clients who share my giving nature, are looking to create abundance, approach each day with joy and delight for the work they do, and feel gratitude. I’ve gotten so many wonderful letters from people that I’ve teamed up on and learn so much for and with.

It’s really an honor to write copy for people working hard every day to grow their small business that lets them do what they love and share that gift with the world.

So if you’re questioning if you need to target locally, the answer is no, you absolutely do not!

Just be an open book and be willing to teach the world what you know. Keep on offering advice and tips and sharing those.

Before long, the paid gigs and awesome opportunities to work for amazing, talented, good-hearted and hard-working people will come.