Ready to rock the printables niche? Jump in on this training, it’s free

Been wondering if there’s income potential for you with creating digital products and offering resell rights to those products on the web?

This is an incredible money maker, printables have been soaring in popularity since quarantine and it’s still going strong.

If you enjoy using computers to create things like quick designs, this could be your jam!

Jump in for Lori Winslow’s April content product listing challenge.

Create and sell printables and digital products. It’s easy, fun and lucrative.

Also known as low content because of the simplicity of the designs with things like journal pages, trackers, planners and such, this is the type of business where you’re making printables that you sell the creative rights to online by recreating a new product from a former template.

Where can you sell printables? You can set them up on your blog for people to download the files after they make a payment. Or you can upload your creations and offer as an Etsy listing, on Kindle direct and other sites like Shopify.

Possibilities include creating your own digital product templates from scratch… Or piggyback on other creators existing printables by changing color schemes, layouts and design elements to form something new and different.

The win happens when all of the printables folks pull together to become each other’s affiliate!

 You don’t need to have graphic design experience to do this, but if that’s the type of job you’ve had before this is kind of a less sophisticated version of that so it’s likely going to be quick and easy for you.

If you’re more of a dabbler who has edited image files on the internet or played around in PowerPoint, this could be the training that locks you in with a new scale and source of income!

Jump in for Lori Winslow’s content creation challenge! Start profiting in the lucrative printables niche

Get in on the action and start earning money by creating and selling digital products. Lori Winslow has an April training course that she’s running via Zoom.

It’s a product creation challenge, so you get to actually build your printables business as you use this.

Lori uses PowerPoint to make printables so that’s what you’ll learn

Kickstart your profit creation online by developing low content designs. Offer customers the right to use your creations in their own business.

Your April Product Creation Challenge with Lori…

List one product a day for 30 days

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If you missed this alert, no worries. The training was free and there will be more!

I’ll be sharing more amazing ways for talented folks to earn a living online.

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