Plant Based Diet Content Has Me on a Lentil Kick

I write done-for-you content and sell it on Each month, I try to come up with a fresh and engaging topic for my Weight Loss PLR Monthly members. They receive 15 articles with private label rights. For December’s content release, I’m going with the Plant Based Diet.

One advantage of being a content writer: the more I write, the more inspired I am by what I learn and turn into content. Because I am of a certain age, I’m focusing in my real-life eating adventures on eating more plant-based foods. I’m not alone in this. Even Burger King is shifting to more plant-based options with their Impossible Burger made from soy and legume protein.

Here’s a video I made in honor of this week’s focus on Plant-Based Eating. I’m not a vegetarian OR a vegan. I just know that increasing your intake of whole foods and consuming plant-based protein alternatives is VERY good for your health. But you do want to be mindful of iron sources and combining the foods you eat in a strategic way that will help your body absorb the iron in your food. I’ll touch upon that in the weight loss content I’m creating that focuses on Plant Based Healthy Eating. Sign up here if you use (or would like to start using) content shortcuts in your business and want me to email you about this!

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