Jump into a Printables Bundle Sale. Get Tips on Overwhelm in Online Business. Discover Private Label Planner Content

This post is going to be all over the place, so I apologize in advance. If you’re a content creator and want to learn more about growing your list and creating profit online by becoming an affiliate of other people’s products AND by hosting your own affiliate program, keep reading.

I’m a writer, so I don’t create graphic designs. But my clients who purchase articles DO want this type of content! So it’s a nice match for the written content that I sell. The coaches and web publishers who pick up ebook content from me need images and printables to coordinate with that.

I recently became an affiliate of Planning Addicts. This is basically planner content that people who sell printables can use in their designs. It’s private label content, just like the images you’ll find on many of free and stock image paid member sites.

If you’ve never explored PLR planners to  use in your own digital product creation, take a look. Jenn creates beautiful designs.

Okay, so I want to take a detour in this conversation to discuss my experience signing up for this particular affiliate program. Jenn uses ThriveCart as her payment processer, and for her affiliate program.

Whenever I decide to explore something new online but a tech snafu stops me, I must make a decision. I have to choose if I want to move through the problem, or put it on hold and go back to what I was doing before, to complete that task first. That applies to anyone who’s in business for themselves. It’s a universal challenge of the self employed or small business owner.

When I signed up as a Planning Addicts affiliate, I realized that I’d need to get comfortable with ThriveCart. Are you familiar with this system? I was not.

It’s a different system from Amember which is what most PLR content creators use and which is what I use to sell done-for-you content. So when I investigated what Jenn has going on, including her Planning Addicts Bundle Sale coming up in November, I got a little miffed by the unfamiliar tech.

I wanted Jenn to know that I’m still interested in sharing her content as an affiliate. However, I am on overwhelm at the moment. Back to school is coming. I’m going to have to put ThriveCart on hold. That said, Jenn’s sale isn’t until November – so she has smartly built in plenty of time for this bundle deal to gain momentum. When the crazy back to school flurry is past, we can all dive into this team effort if we want to!

Jenn had some good tips about overwhelm in online business, particularly in the content business:

Regarding the overwhelmed feeling that I mentioned, Jenn said: “It happened for me a lot too until I got organized and figured out most of my system. Most of it is mindset (I’m sure you know this). You have to decide that this is a way that you want to grow. Until you do, and until you decide to get your things in order, it won’t happen. I speak from experience.”

My main issue with Thrive Cart is that when I signed up as an affiliate, I received about 30 emails all at once.

That made me worry that if I refer customers to use this system, will they too receive way too many emails? Jenn says no, they, meaning a new customer of hers, will only receive one email if they sign up for a single product.

Do you want to become an affiliate of terrific, printable planner content? Planners are fire right now! (Am I allowed to say that if I’m over 40? Not sure. :))

You can learn more about becoming a Planning Addicts affiliate right here.

To make your affiliate experience simple and hassle free, Jenn has set up a promo schedule.  Visit the Sign in page on the Planning Addicts website, to find the launch calendar. In order to do that, you must sign up as an affiliate and get your affiliate ID first, then log in.

Then go back to the launch calendar page. Click on it to pull up all the relevant info for each launch, including your affiliate link.

Jenn also shares a video introduction to the back office of your Planning Addicts affiliate area. It’s not hard at all when you see how to do it.

Still considering jumping in on the content bundle sale? Jen offers a free guide to help content creators who have never done this before.

If you’re creative, see what she has going on! You don’t have to be “in the club” to jump in on a content bundle sale. Just introduce yourself and your product and see if it’s a fit.

When you sign up as her affiliate, you can offer the free guide  that she created, to attract new signups to her list via your affiliate link.

The Guide is a free product will cookie you to any customer who signs up via your link. So, if the same customer buys anything in the future (including the aforementioned content bundle scheduled for November), you get commissions.

The point of the sale is for all contributors, including the bundle sale host, to grow their list and to hopefully make some income.

Jenn points out that plenty of other very successful folks run their bundle sales and it’s always a gain for them.

Jenn is hosting her first bundle sale on PlanningAddicts.com in November 2021. Do you create digital content? Sign up to become a contributor, and use this promotion to connect with new customers and grow your list.

Here’s the guide from Jenn for you if you’re never done a content bundle sale before.

This is how it works. A bunch of content creators pool their individual products together. The host, in this case Jenn of PlanningAddicts.com, sets everything up as a single product that lives on a coordinating sales page on her website. When new customers sign up, they get ALL the content from every contributor to the bundle.

If you’re a product creator, that gives you plenty of time to get started on your product that you’ll share for the bundle sale! If your customers have wanted to join a bundle, but weren’t sure how, Jenn has created the aforementioned guide to help you help them.

It’s zero cost and you can promote this guide in order to help convert them for other affiliate commissions in the future.