Piggy Makes Bank: Self Help and Business PLR Monthly Memberships for Coaches! From a GREAT Content Provider

Are you a life coach or business coach looking to get smart about making money online? Serving clients is one form of income for sure. But if you have a website there’s so much more potential for you to create hands-off income. The key is knowing how to set things up. You’ll need a few things for this.

First, you need a mindset shift. If you’re stuck in the service business model, you’re not seeing the income potential that’s sitting right in front of you. So let’s make that shift. Start thinking of what you offer and what you know as a product, NOT a service.

How can your coaching service become a product?

Your readers have problems. You offer advice that can help them solve them… one problem, once niche at a time.

How to package up your coaching advice like a product? Set up an ebook that contains information and guidance for people to learn from, on a SPECIFIC topic. To help you do this, make a list of their typical, SPECIFIC problems. Each ebook you create and sell will target ONE problem.

Okay: so selling ONE ebook to ONE client isn’t much revenue, we know this. But if you sell one $27 ebook to 3,000+ people, that’s a pretty hefty chunk of change. The work is done up front… then you recycle the process over and over.

So how do you sell a single ebook to thousands of people?

You grow a list of subscribers — fans and followers who regard you as an expert based on what you’ve published in your blog and your social media pages.

If you’re already posting content, you’re halfway there. Now you just have to professionalize and streamline the operation.

It all begins with list building.

Building a list is really important to the health of your business. If the economy takes a hit, you might a hard time convincing clients to book more hours. BUT options like ebook and course sales would be an affordable solution for them. Want to jump in and try it? Why not?

Your priority one is to create and sell ONE ebook covering ONE topic, solving ONE problem in detail.

This is going to take a while as you navigate the learning curve. But then when you get comfortable in your new role as a coach who offers PRODUCTS (meaning ebooks), then your aim should be to create MORE ebooks that sell MORE problems.

You need to streamline the ebook (and course) creation process.

What you may not know is HOW 6-figure and 7-figure coaches are already doing this.

I’m going to tell you how, right now.

The simple steps you need to know are:

  1. To drive interest, publish your coaching content on your blog. Link to it from social media. Include a capture form that puts people on your list.
  2. Make ebooks (and courses) to sell from your website and via email marketing, using content you write from scratch AND purchase from content creators like Piggy Makes Bank.
  3. Sell the ebooks on a platform like e-junkie.com OR from a private member area of your website.

Do you want a content shortcut to get you to the ebook creation part much faster? That’s what those smart, 6-figure coaches are doing to create revenue.

I know a couple of great ladies who write coaching content and sell it with private label rights. In the content selling industry, this is called PLR. When you purchase the private label rights to a content package, you get to use the content in any of the following ways. This will streamline your ebook and course creation:

  • Cut and paste sections of the content, or combine different content packages together to create one product
  • Edit the content any way you like, including recycling it for both selling and marketing purposes
  • Brand the content with your logo and images, and set it up as your coaching products – that you can resell again and again!

Eager to explore what kind of self help and life coaching content you can get in the form of prewritten drafts?

Go check out the Self Help Monthly from Piggy Makes Bank. They’re terrific! And they send me word of this special limited time offer on their monthly pricing. So I’m passing it on to you!

Their self help PLR monthly is currently available at $47 per month and includes the following:

  • 30 articles
  • 30 emails
  • 30 social media posts
  • A compilation document of all article content
  • A full 6,000+ word eBook, and journal or workbook to go along with it.

Tip from the Piggy girls: The ebook / workbook bundle would make a great tripwire product to monetize the content. The content itself is great for growing reach, building a list, and creating engagement. 

Currently, their regular pricing on the monthly membership is $47 per month.

**UNTIL MONDAY, JULY 5, 2021 the price is only $27 per month – NO COUPON NEEDED. 

Learn more about the Piggy Makes Bank Self Help PLR Monthly Membership here

Learn more about their Business PLR Monthly Membership here