Outsourcing Success Plan: Hire, Train, Manage, and Mentor a Team to Grow Your Business

Hey friends! Wondering if it’s possible to take your business to the six figure realm of success?

I’m going to tell you a little secret right now. Online business is a little different than you may be used to.

How so? Well, if you come from corporate America then you might expect that things are done in a certain way.

For example, you might anticipate a lot of discussion time for every income-producing project you manage. This is not necessarily how things go in online business, not if you really want to make the money. I learned the hard way but you don’t have to. 

How to hop on the short path to making good money online?

Instead of talking, take action.

Seriously, this is what it’s all about. I’m going to give you some actions right now. I recommend just going for it. Because if you take action and then you don’t follow up, it’s okay. You still took action. So let’s go.

The first action you should take is to start following along with marketers who are doing what you want to do.

People who work in this industry are generally not full of it. I’ve met really great people in online business.

If there’s someone whom you admire and who’s doing something that you’d like to do, sign up for their list. Pay attention to their advice. Look closely at the steps they’re taking in their own business. Follow suit.

How will you know if an online business expert is worth following in the footsteps of?

Smart online business owners will have a few things in place.

  • One they’ll have digital products available to sell.
  • Two, they will be constantly publishing content.
  • Three, they’ll have an email list that they’re constantly growing and they do that by creating relationships with their audience. 
  • Four, they will also have affiliates and an active affiliate program. That’s where you come in.

Action to take: Sign up as an affiliate and start promoting.

If a favorite marketer of yours has an affiliate program, join it. You don’t need a personal invitation. If you’re on their list, you’re going to get an email and that’s where it all begins. That’s where the action taking happens.

Seriously. You don’t have to be on some kind of VIP list to jump in and start promoting someone else’s stuff. That’s the fear based mentality that most marketers have to get over. And that’s the difference between corporate mindset and freewheeling online business.

So do it. Seize the day. When an opportunity calls out to you, jump on it.

More actions to take: automate your systems.

You’re going to need systems for your online business to run properly. Things should function pretty well enough that you can take a nap or maybe even jet off to somewhere awesome while your business continues to make you money.

If it’s an online business, then you’re going to need to automate some systems that let you create digital products, market those products, continually expand your customer base, and that permit you to take payments automatically.

Once you’re past the learning curve and you have all systems in place, you’re going to want to automate how your online business runs.

Action to take: build a winning outsourcing team.

That’s going to take a team. You’re going to need to outsource certain parts of your business and that’s where I am in my own business success online. I honestly have not figured out exactly how that system will run for me. But I’ll share with you as I learn.

One person whom I admire in the field of online business coaching is Cindy Bidar. If you’re looking to automate your outsourcing tasks and put all of the essentials in place for a rockstar business team, start following along with Cindy.

She’s got a great course coming out that I think you’ll benefit from. It’s called the Outsourcing Success Plan.

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