Midlife Crisis! HOT Coaching Topic in Your Back Pocket.

If you’re a life coach with the feelers out for HOT topics that would go over big with your audience of self-help seekers, I have one for you. Midlife crisis. The other day a friend told me something super awkward about her brother’s ex wife. My conclusion was that the midlife crisis had impacted both of them. People go nuts at this phase of life. It’s like high school all over again, but with hormones in reverse.

Your clients need help pulling away from the negative side of the middle years. YOU can help them by creating products they can apply to their own lives.

So let me give you some web stats on just HOW big the Midlife Crisis topic is for people:

38,000 Searches on “Midlife Crisis” This Month. Whoa!

I’ve got even more search data on midlife crisis keywords, you can check it out here.

That makes me ask the question: as a life coach, are you ready with help and support? How long do you think it would take you to put together a new coaching product or package? 3 months? A year? How about… ONE DAY!

That’s how quickly you could set up a Self Help Ebook on surviving the midlife crisis. And how about helping people use this time of their lives to BLAST and focus on self improvement, adopt good health practices, work on self care, strengthen relationships and all the POSITIVE, GOOD STUFF that can come to us at this juncture of life if we open our minds to the possibilities.

And… I have an ebook in Canva, all ready to go that you can brand and sell as your own. It’s called “How to Reverse-Age in Mind, Body and Spirit”

The ebook has space in it for you to add your own company logo, bio and contact info. Includes 44 pages and 12K words on the following:

1. What Might Reverse-Aging Look Like for You?
2. Youthful Vigor, Wonder, Curiosity and Delight at the Heart of Reverse-Aging
3. How Does Your Outlook Affect Activity Levels as You Age?
4. Why Would You Want to Seem Younger?
5. Young at Heart does NOT Mean Immature
6. You Can Still be Wise and Careful While Embracing a Youthful Outlook
7. What Exercises Help Your Body Stay Limber as You Age?
8. What Foods Can You Eat to Help You “Reverse Age?”
9. What is the Midlife Crisis Really About?
10. Activities to Keep Your Mind Active
11. What to Think About so You Can Stay Mentally Flexible
12. Want the Vigor of Youth? Get a Healthy Lifestyle
13. Want to Reverse-Age? Kick the Bad Habits that Are Aging You Prematurely
14. Yoga for Youthfulness, Inner Peace and Joy
15. 6 Healthy Practices to Increase Youthful Feelings and Appearance

The regular price of this high quality coaching product is $57… but you can grab it for $37 if you act before August 5. Use coupon code AGELESS.

Go here to read content samples, check out 3 versions of cover art included with the document, and order so you can set this up to sell right away.

Makes GREAT beach or backyard reading!