Make Money Selling Other People’s Content

A lot of creative professionals don’t know about this. But one of the best ways to compound your income online is by selling done-for-you content.

There are a couple of ways you can make money doing this.

One, you can create your own digital products and put them up for sale for instant download on your website.

The key is to have a system in place so this can be a hands-off experience.

It will be a bumpy ride in the beginning and you might just have to leave this as a side gig. But eventually if you grow a good big list it can turn into something huge.

The second way is by promoting other people’s resellable content.

If you get into the digital product selling circle, you’ll come across the same faces everywhere you go online. These people have a presence in the private label rights content community.

When you meet someone who’s content looks good, check to see if they have an affiliate program. You might have to sign up as a member of their site, but just do it.

You can use a junk email address that you choose to open and look at emails on your own time. That way the emails won’t seem like they’re encroaching on your other project focus.

By far the best done-for-you business content creators that I’ve come across is Coach Glue.

As an affiliate of Coach Glue, I receive a commission payment every week. Here’s a screenshot of my recent commission totals.

The amount of my weekly affiliate payment varies. It depends on things like what products they’re currently running and the price of each.

(Here’s a sample of what my affiliate account looks like from the inside.)

It also depends on how hard I work at letting my list know they have something good for a discount.

And it also just depends on what’s going on in the world and in the lives of my customers and subscribers and whether or not they are engaging.

Don’t wait. Become a digital product affiliate right now!

If you want a role model to emulate, and some really solid good coaching content packages to resell and make commissions off, check out Coach Glue. They are truly tight when it comes to the web content resale business.

This link right here goes to one of Coach Glue’s brilliant content packages.

The beauty of what they offer is that coaches can both learn from the information and then actually share or sell it to grow their business.

In the content reselling world this is called PLR. That stands for private label rights.

Whomever dreamed up PLR with its unique ability to compound income by selling and reselling content is a genius.

Coach Glue does not use the letters PLR to describe what they create for reselling purposes to other coaches.

That’s because what they offer is truly a higher caliber than some of the junk that’s associated with the PLR world.

So if you are a business coach or a internet marketer of some kind, and you want to start earning money by sharing links to other people’s digital products, I recommend you head right over to Coach Glue and sign up for a free product.

Then apply to become their affiliate or however it works (I forget what I had to do to become an affiliate of theirs, but I am one).

Start building a list of email subscribers just by talking about related topics.

To do this, you need to be a blogger or frequent poster of social media content and you need to invite people to join your list.

If they see that they have something to learn from you, they will sign up.

Set up what you need to eventually start getting a nice weekly payout from Coach Glue