Launch a Course from Your WordPress Blog. Here’s How. Also, Self Help PLR Articles 40% off from Wordfeeder

Did you know that you do NOT need pricy software to launch a course? You can actually do it right from your WordPress blog. This is perfect if you’re a life coach or self help expert (or any expert, really), looking to scale back on coaching hours and offer a group class virtually instead.

Focus on a Single Course Topic that Will Help Your Readers.

Everyone needs help, and online courses really DO sell. People don’t always want to do the back-and-forth dialogue with a coach. Trust me. I’m someone like that. I will scoop up your self help books and ebooks but I will probably NEVER sign up to work with a coach. You can STILL sell to people like me if you create courses that respect my wish for boundaries AND thirst for knowledge.

Best part: you don’t need to be a tech guru to run one from your blog. If you use WordPress, you can set this up EASY. Here’s what you need.

  • An active list of followers and customers
  • A WordPress blog that you’re comfortable working in
  • 15 (or 7, or another number) of topic-specific articles that help solve a problem
  • Active PayPal account to take payments

TIP: Your course attendees should all be grouped together somehow so you can communicate with them. Add them to a list in your email software tool such as Aweber. Or, add them to a private Facebook group. But email is easier because you don’t have cross-communication of social media making things confusing. Time saver!

Set Up a Private, Paid Course from Your WordPress Blog:

Publish all articles which will be featured in your course, as stand-alone blog posts. Seven posts is a good number. So is 14 if this is a more in-depth course. Make each blog post private and set up a user and password. You can do this right from the individual post as you create each one.

Announce your course or challenge. Once people sign up and PayPal you, provide the login/password to the course. Each day, give them the link to another, password-protected post in the challenge. Do it via your autoresponder (cuts time, plus you can recycle the series of emails). Of if you’re not there yet, you can log in each morning and send a new email with the link to the next lesson in your course, and the password info.

This is SUCH a great way to launch a paid course that helps people learn something, saves them money and makes you some profits!

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