How to Protect Your Freelance Rep Writing for a Content Mill

Hey guys! For the freelance writers out there, are you wondering if you should sign up to write for content mill websites like Scripted and Fiver?

Let me give you the dirty details:

The number one issue with these websites is that it’s a gamble of your time. Why? Because you’re agreeing to work for a set price but you don’t know if the client is going to make things difficult for you.

The second issue is possible security. Who know who or what these websites are connected to? They suggest for you to link your profile from there to your social media accounts and websites where your live samples live. How do we know this is even safe? Content mills are definitely sketchy, so I wouldn’t risk it.

The third issue is your rep. Let’s say a job goes horribly awry (entirely possible, I already had a bad experience with a client who wouldn’t provide specifics and then just changed the job all willy nilly on me, and for a very measly amount). So if you rep is at stake, and yes, these clients do get to rate you at the end of their project… do you want their website “pointing at you” (meaning at your websites) from around the web? Of course you don’t. But the writer is pretty much powerless to do anything about it.

So yeah, if you’re having a slow month and want to put up with bullshit from a content mill, I guess go for it. But if you do that, I advise you to take the following precautions:

Don’t link their payout system to your main bank account. Set up a silly little side account for these people to have access. That way, if they hack in somehow, you’re only out a small chunk of change.

Next, DO NOT follow their advice to link from their sites to your main hangouts on the web. Instead, create a special website of your writing samples just for them. That way, if things get weird, you can just take that one website down and the link from them to you is broken.

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