How do your competitor ads get in front of your face on Facebook?

Maybe there’s a marketer out there who does what you do. Maybe you’re a freelance writer and other people who also freelance write keep showing up in the sponsored ad area of your Facebook page.

How does this happen? Are they targeting you directly? There are probably more factors that go into this then we would realize. But a good way to get a general understanding of how you are chosen for someone else’s targeted ads is this.

Next time an ad shows up in your feed and you’re either wondering how they know that it matches your interests, or why they think it matches your interest when it doesn’t, do this for more info.

Click on the three vertical dots in the right-hand corner of the ad.

This opens up information about the audience. The first thing you’ll see is a line that says “Why this ad?”

From there you can open up the reasons why and you’ll see something similar to the picture that I took a screenshot of and featured up in the top of this blog post. Here it is again:

If you prefer not to see certain ads in your feed, you can stop them from showing up by modifying your interests on Facebook.

Is this work? Yes. Everything online is work now. Whether it’s feeling the obligation to like everyone’s post whom you’re friends with, to having to fine tune your own personal interests to get ads to show or not show in your feed. It’s all work.

But then you can also view this from the flip side, next time you run an ad who’s it going to show up for? If you’re a writer and you’re advertising writing services, is it going to show up to other writers? And if so, how does that help you?

It would help you if you were running a writing course to help writers make money. So a writer who purchases something from another writer would want something that that writer has. Namely, teaching skills.

But if you’re a writer looking for clients, then you really want to fine-tune your marketing to match what the client ideally looks like. So if you’re a writer and you’re making Facebook ads then you don’t want to write ads about writers. You actually want to create ads that go after the audience you want to write for.

So if you absolutely love the pet care audience and you want to write content for that market, then you absolutely have to create an ad that speaks to people who have pet care websites.

So instead of talking about you and your skills, knowing you’re going to show up in front of people who have those same skills as you do, you are essentially having to talk about the people that you want to work for.

So again, if you want to write about dogs then you have to actually write about dogs. Not about writing.

I hope that makes sense.

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