Get the Secret to Successful List-Building: Course from Business Coach Cindy Bidar

Do you feel like you’re constantly posting content, yet sales from your website are embarrassingly low? That’s probably because you could stand to improve your list-building strategy. List building is VERY necessary to help your web based business become lucrative.

Think about the people or companies whose emails that you yourself signed up for. The more you hear from them, the more they start to feel like an old friend, right? It’s the old familiarity concept. And it’s been long proven that it’s FAR easier to sell to someone who has already purchased from you before, than a person who isn’t familiar with your company and has never taken a gamble on your products or services.

That said… you really need to set up an amazing lead magnet that your future customers will drool for, drop everything and download immediately. Cindy Bidar can help you with this.

On November 9th 2021, Cindy goes live with her list building course!

Okay, so maybe you already know about list building and you’ve set up an opt-in gift. But your downloads are dwindling. What now? It’s time to for a lead magnet makeover.

What started out as the sought-after product that everyone in your niche once clamored to get their hands on, has dwindled down to nearly nil new signups. What gives? Maybe your opt-in gift is now lackluster. Or, perhaps because you haven’t updated your website in a while, you’re not getting much search engine love.

It’s time to either freshen up your existing lead magnet, or switch things up and offer an entirely new opt-in gift to attract potential customers.

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Cindy Bidar’s putting together a comprehensive course designed to walk you through the steps. When finished, you’ll have something fresh and exciting to get those already-warm prospects where you want them to be – your list!

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