Done-for-You Business Coaching Content: TOPIC is Time-Saving Tech Tips. Download in Minutes!

Your audience of online business students will probably make a lot of mistakes as they learn and experiment with the tech side of internet marketing. Do you have content prepared to offer in your blog, make lead magnets or set up courses for them to purchase and learn from?

Wordfeeder’s new Business PLR is “Time Saving Tips for Your Online Business. This is a pack of 14 articles or 8K words. It’s perfect for people who want to blow past the tech road blocks that slow their progress and create time-sucking snafus down the road.

Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. One Massive, Time-Saving Action to Take as You Start Your Business: Prepare to Build Your list
  3. Another Huge Time-Saver: Take Precautions to Avoid Being Blacklisted as a Spammer
  4. How to Collect Email Addresses and Build Your List in Less Time
  5. Save Yourself Major Time and Headaches by Adding a Subscriber Form to Your Website
  6. Take a Time-Saving Content Shortcut for Your Online Business: Get a Blog!
  7. Get Ready for a Time-Saving Task: Blogging from Anywhere
  8. Save Yourself Time by Tacking the Basic, Structural Elements of Your Blog First.
  9. Not Fumbling With Your Blog’s Sign-Up Form Code Will Save You Lots of Time. So Learn How Now.
  10. Up-Front Time Savers for Your Social Media Setup
  11. Time-Saving Tips for Publishing Content on the Web
  12. How to Save Tons of Time in Your Online Business by “Spinning and Versioning Niches”
  13. Save More Time. Set Up Your Online Programs in Advance.
  14. Save Time in Your Online Newsletter Publishing Schedule

Writing Sample Screen Shot:

How to Use This Content to Create Profits:

Make into a digital product such as an ebook or email challenge

Offer as a free opt-in gift to grow your list

Feature the topic in your email newsletter

Add to your member resource library

Publish in your blog

Turn into a topic for your next speaking engagement

Use it in your work with clients

Make into a group coaching program

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