Cut Through the Confusion. Get a Godaddy Hosted WordPress Website by Doing This Simple Google Search

Hi, friends! So you’ve figured out that you can monetize web content on social media. Now you’re thinking you should probably have a website.

You’ve been waffling on the idea, letting other people’s advice confuse you to the point of distraction. Well, let me clear a straight path to having your own website.

Why should have one? Your brand needs a home. You can’t be squatting indefinitely on TikTok and Instagram. Something is bound to change and sabotage all your effort.

Also, this content is yours. Are you ready to claim ownership? And finally… what happens if your followers move to a new profile or leave social media? This is why you need to collect email addresses. This is your customer base! Without them, what are you?

So, you’ve heard that GoDaddy hosting is good. But whenever you visit their website, it’s total confusion. I know. Their hosting is reliable and we all trust them for domain names. But it’s hard to find what you need.

So I’m going to give you the VERY SIMPLE phrase that you need to type into Google that will bring you straight to a GoDaddy Hosted WordPress site.

Here’s what you must type in:

GoDaddy WordPress Managed Hosting

Why this phrase? Because they have other options that might confuse you. This will take you directly to the hosting area where you can sign up. If you’re confused by all the options, that makes two of us. In general, go with a mid-range package. You can probably skip the upsells they offer you… though I can’t tell you what will or won’t happen if you do.

I set up hosting for someone like this, and it was much easier than trying to find my way around the GoDaddy website.

Also, FYI. If you order during their free domain promotion, you’ll be able to add on your domain at NO extra charge.

So… DON’T order the domain first. Order the hosting first, then when they ask you if you’d like to add on a domain for free, say YES and add your domain that you searched to your shopping cart.

How much is a year’s worth of web hosting with GoDaddy? Less than you would spend on a week’s worth of groceries for a family of 3.