Business Course for Shoestring Marketers from Cindy Bidar

Do you consider yourself a shoestring marketer? Many online business and small business owners don’t even know what that is.

It basically means that you have started up a business with little to no upfront capital. You don’t yet have investments to kick off things like hiring a team or paying big bucks for a huge advertising campaign on the internet.

Shoestring marketers make a little bit of cash and then invest it into something that they either know or are fairly certain will help them grow their business.

Let’s say that as a frugal marketer who’s just starting out in online business, you make $2,000 this month. It’s not a lot but it’s something to help pay the bills.

You want to make $5, 000 a month soon. So you take 10% of your 2000 for this month and you put it into something like getting your email auto responder up and running.

Why do you do this? Because you know that once you build your list you are more likely to compound sales from people who already buy from you.

That’s an excellent example of how shoestring marketers grow their businesses on a slow and low budget.

Cindy Bidar is someone who can help you reach six figures faster with your small business.

If you relate to the shoestring marketer scenario, then check out her course.

Shoestring Marketing: Free and Low-Cost Strategies to Market Your Business Like a Pro

This is a live, interactive workshop where new online business builders can:

  • Understand the foundational pieces that make a marketing plan more successful.
  • Explore free and low-cost ideas that work.
  • Create an action plan that fits their business goals, personality, and market.

The live call takes place on Tuesday, July 19 at 2 PM Eastern.  A replay will be available for those who can’t attend live. 

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