Business Coach BUNDLE Deals in 2022: Don’t Miss the Bundle Bash July Connectors Event

Business Coaches, looking for hot products and training to add to your content collection for a VERY friendly price point?

Online business coaching experts Val Selby and Rayven Monique will “bundle for ya” – when they launch the hottest business coaching bundle event scheduled to happen this summer.

The Bundle Bash “Compelling Connectors” event is poised to run July 1st through 10th.

  • If you’re ready to get some amazing online business training under your belt for a song, this bundle is for you.
  • If you’re looking to network with like-minded coaches, list-build and sign up as an affiliate of other coaches’ products, you’re going to want to cash in on this bundle.
  • If you’re a smart coach in search of business-building shortcuts, done-for-you content, digital product templates and resources, you should show up for this bundle.

Bundle Bash is held several times throughout the year. The July 2022 theme is “Compelling Connectors.” It’s for online business coaches, consultants, and digital product sellers like you.

What types of products are you likely to find? 

  • Smart coaching and teaching resources and shortcuts
  • Online business and marketing training – for you, and your customers
  • Done-for-you content to build your list, market your brand, sell digital products and use with clients
  • Opportunities to earn affiliate income on products like these

Here’s how it works. If you normally purchase digital products from other coaches and experts, you probably typically order a la carte. So you’re used to receiving one product, or file download, from one creator, for one set price.

Bundle Bash offers huge value – with a mind-boggling amount of coaching advice, training and armloads of products for just ONE tiny price.

How will this work? It’s a lot simpler than it sounds…

  • Each product comes from a different originating seller or coach. 
  • You will be provided with a coupon code to use at the bundle sale.

If you opt to order this, you’ll pay one set price – $27 — for the whole kit and… kabundle.

Then it will be time to download your content from each product originator. To do this, you’ll need to visit EACH coach’s amazing website to gain access to the special product they’ve contributed for you to learn from and use in your business.

After your bundle order goes through, you’ll be directed to a page where your product download links live.

For each product download link that you click, you’ll arrive on a new sales page at the originator’s website who created that product.

Bundle Bash hosts Rayven and Val will have already supplied you with a coupon code to type in at that point. The code will bring the price of THAT product down to $0.

You will then check out using your PayPal email address. You won’t be charged anything additional other than the $9 that you already paid for the bundle.

From there, you’ll be prompted to set up a member account on the product originator’s website.

(You’ll repeat this process for EACH bundle contributor’s product that you want to download.)

So essentially, content or product downloads and future deals will start flowing into your inbox from each digital product seller.

These will be offers on products that you can share with your list, use as a content creation shortcut, and enhance your offerings as a coach or expert.

What’s an example of a product that could be included to use in your biz?

Let’s invent a simple example of this. Maybe there’s a series of Canva templates available from one content provider. (As it turns out, this is actually being offered!)

If you order the Canva template product, you could use it to dress up your ebooks and sell them from your website.

What’s the value? You’ll probably sell many more business coaching ebooks if you design them using this hypothetical Canva template. 

(That’s a good example of a content shortcut applied).

You could also apply the same Canva ebook designs in your work with clients. Your client wants to launch an ebook, so you save them thousands on design services by handing them this template to customize with their own branding and additions.

That’s just one of the many potentially useful products you can get. 

It’s all about getting the needed training for coaching success… stocking up on business essentials… meeting new coaches, and networking for profit potential.

Side note. You might want to create a special email address for this purpose. You’re going to get a lot of email offers, and I do mean a lot.

Not to mention… there will be more bundles from Val, Rayven, and other online business experts. You could direct them all to this one email inbox and really cash in!

If receiving great coaching training, business goodies and content for an amazing price is what you came for… then get excited, and get ready to receive.

You can even prepare a folder on your computer to welcome all these new downloads that will be streaming in for you to use in your business.

Each time you sign up for a new product that you ordered, download the product right to your prepared folder that you made on your computer. 

Then, create and name a subfolder according to whatever the product is that you purchased.

This is the best way to organize it so that when you sign up for the bundle you’ll be able to make use of all of the goodies and keep track of what you bought.

The Bundle Bash full list of contributors and amazing products will be coming to your inbox really soon.

So again, set up an email address so you can rock this bundle and turn your inbox into one massive collector of smart coaching resources, trainings and content deals!

Sign up at “Content Shortcuts for Coaches” to receive email updates about the Bundle Bash – coming to you on July 1, 2022.

See you soon at the Bundle Bash!