Brilliant Aweber Shortcuts. Drive Email Marketing Profits from Wherever You Are

Are you new to email marketing? Have you failed to jump the hurdle into connecting with your list on a regular to frequent basis?

Do you recognize the profit potential of email marketing but just can’t seem to keep up with writing and sending emails?

You might just need a mindset shift. Instead of feeling like your emails are bothering people you’ve got to move into the attitude that others are in it to make money or land sweet bargains using email marketing, and those are your people.

One aspect of email marketing that newbies frequently fret about is how often they should make contact with their list. You might feel like more than twice a month is a lot. But in reality, some people sign up for daily deals because they are all about playing the inbox game.

It doesn’t matter if your chosen audience is health and fitness, online business, home and garden, or another category. If you’re a niche marketer then you’re going to have lots of all-the-time reasons to reach out to your followers.

You might even have more than one list going, and if audience segmenting has become a part of your strategy then that’s even better.

Interested in list-building and emailing to create profit? Remember, you set the inbox rules.

This is your website and your business. That means you can pretty much set the rules for however you approach your email marketing.

If you want to use your email inbox as a daily profit generator, you can do that. People are game for that and they want the bargains and deals. That’s why they sign up in the first place.

Just make sure that if you’re going to be emailing daily or even multiple times per day, you want to let people know that up front before they hop on your list.

Back in the early days of email marketing, people used to add a little line above their sign up form that said something like “Give us your work email address,” or “Give us your best email address.”

That was the sign of a ballsy marketer who intended on showing up in whatever inbox you were likely to have open on your computer every single day.

But why trick people in this manner, when you’re just going to end up peeving them and getting unsubscribes or reported as a spammer?

Be transparent about your emailing frequency and habits.

It’s much better to let people know up front what they’re signing up for. Tell them you’re going to email them daily if that’s the case, and so they should probably choose an email address where they’ll be happy to hear from you.

Some email marketers who sign up as other people’s affiliates and to learn from them actually set up a ” junk mail” inbox for this purpose. That way they can have control over how often they log in to check out whatever offers you have going on. It’s just a way to ensure that when they do open your mail, they won’t feel grumpy about it.

It’s not really junk, it’s just that your communication is being routed on purpose. In a way it’s better, because they know exactly where to find you.
And if you’re in your very own email inbox on someone else’s device, they’ll actually have an easier time keeping up with your messages. So if they’re serious about partnering with you and learning from you, that’s huge.

How do you do email marketing on the go from Aweber?

So let’s talk about those Aweber shortcuts that will save you a ton of time and hassle and let you connect with your email subscribers any time, no matter where you may be, even from your phone.

Major shortcut: better password management

Let’s face it. Password confusion stops us dead in our tracks. How many times have you gotten that email that tells you the code and just said f it and gave up? We all do this. The answer is to come up with a password convention that works.

Invent a password convention that’s going to be easy for you to remember. You should be able to log in without having to think too much.

The password issue definitely stops people from taking action in their business each day. So figure out a formula that works so that you can remember your Aweber password when you need to log in from say your car, the library or wherever you happen to be.

KISS: Keep it simple, smart marketer.

Get over the need to have a fancy email template. If you’re sending out a monthly newsletter then sure you can spruce it up with some special touches and choose an available template from Aweber.

But if you’re doing daily email blasts, just cut to the chase. The most important goal is to make sure that you sound halfway intelligent and that your links work correctly.

Save thousands of hours yearly using Aweber’s duplicate broadcast feature.

Get familiar with the duplicate feature. Being able to duplicate or copy a broadcast that you already sent is huge.

In fact, not only can you duplicate an email that you already sent so that you can change it up a little and then send it to the same people, but you can also copy that email to a different segment of your mailing list and customize it for the next audience.

So let’s say you want to send an email about knitting around cats to both your list of knitting readers and your list of cat enthusiasts. Simply create one email and then after sending it to the first list you can copy it to the second list and hit send.

Advanced schedule tomorrow’s email blast today.

Don’t forget that you can advance schedule email broadcasts. Let’s say you’re sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be called. You happen to check your own email and a note pops up from another marketer whose products you promote as an affiliate.

The marketer has conveniently supplied text for you to copy and paste. She’s running a sale on Tuesday, but you’re busy on Tuesday. You are sitting there with nothing to do right now.

Just pop open a new broadcast message. Paste in the text that your marketer friend has provided. Add in your own affiliate links and customize the message for your readers. Save your message, and then when you get to the part where you schedule the send, set it to the day when your friend has decided to launch her sale or event.

Recycle last year’s marketing emails.

Another great feature of Aweber is that your broadcasts are stored in one area of their website. After you get used to the email marketing grind, you’ll begin to notice that a lot of the same sales happen year after year.

Not only will you want to recycle some of your own seasonal promotions, but you’ll also find that people whose digital products you promote as an affiliate pull out the same offers year after year.

So instead of reinventing the wheel and typing a fresh email each year, you can use your own Cliff notes and pull up an email that you sent last year that covers the same promotion.

Go over the content and make important updates like checking the links and switching the date and the year. You can also add any relevant details that apply to what’s currently happening.

Utilize Aweber’s email series feature.

If you happen to be feeling the flow and come up with an email that really holds high value for your readers, you might decide to make it a series, like a short daily tutorial for 5 days. But the beauty of that is you can automatically send out the 5-day series anytime a new person signs up.

It’s very easy to simply copy that email into an auto responder series. You can do it right in the broadcast area after opening the email that you already sent and then clicking a few times to set it up as an email that will go out automatically in a series.

Use a Weber to sell digital products to your list, or share opt-in gifts to grow your list.

Another brilliant feature of Aweber is that they give you space to upload documents such as PDFs to then share with your list. This makes it very simple to attract new subscribers by way of an opt-in gift.

You can also sell digital products directly from your Aweber account. You’ll even find the capability to track sales and payments.

How much more convincing do you need? The best way to find out what Aweber can do for your web business is to sign up and start using their email marketing software today.