Attract Corporate Sponsors with a Blog? YES. Yes, You Can and Should!

I’ve been talking with a guy who uses TikTok to attract corporate sponsors to his fitness brand. He asked me if having a blog would help him attract more sponsors. I didn’t know a lot about how corporate sponsorship works. So off to Google I went, to learn about corporate sponsorship, what that entails and how to get sponsored.

If it’s your goal to attract big brands, then YES, I think it all starts with you having a smaller, solid brand. One that people show respect for and look up to. So you started by putting it out there on social media. But how do you lock it in? You get your own website… or technically, a blog. In WordPress, so you can self-manage it.

Yes, having your own website with your own brand and connecting all of your social media accounts from there WILL help you attract bigger payouts from corporate sponsors, YES. But with a small caveat:

You have to actually USE the blog (or website).

You must log in, post content there, grow your blog audience with love… and give your blog as much attention as you do your social media accounts. Why? Because having your own website/blog is the differentiator. It lets people know that you’re next-level.

The blog is the HOME of your brand. You originate all content from there. Trust me, your content needs a home! What if TikTok went belly-up tomorrow. Where would your content end up? You’re likely going to spend YEARS hand-crafting content for your social media accounts. You darn well better have your own space online to compile and present it all. YOUR BLOG! Of course.

I’d also ask the following key questions in creating your blog:

  • What IS your niche? Declare that in your blog’s written content and areas where you can leverage keywords to get found. Like the blog’s title and the titles of your posts and pages.
  • What’s your long term goal for your online business? Do you only want corporate sponsors? Or do you plan to continually create new income streams? Your blog can be a place to offer digital products that teach people what you know.
  • How does your function/brand image tie everything together? If the over-arching goal of your blog is to get corporate sponsorship, how big are you willing to play the game? The blog helps you play bigger.

In your online business, you want to build several income streams. If one dries up, you have other options. This is how you do it:

  1. Grow a list of email subscribers and social followers. Talk to them. Share what you know. That starts with posting tips to your blog that your readers can use.
  2. Build your product tier so it includes something for every level of the market.

Here’s more on hitting every level of the market:

  • High level/pricing: People who want fitness coaching from you. Advertise your hourly services to these people.
  • High/midlevel pricing: Your group coaching and programs
  • Midlevel pricing: Courses and digital products you launch. Maybe it’s a 30-days to a fitter, happier you course.
  • Low level pricing: say, an ebook. Let’s say that fans come to learn that you’re a corporate sponsor. They want to know how to do what you do. So maybe you put together a course that teaches people how. Could be an ebook. Could be a zoom workshop where they pay a flat fee to gain entry to your expert talk.

To get serious about attracting corporate sponsors, you should add a Press Page to your blog that includes your headshots, a bio and contact info.

Do you want to go even bigger with your online brand and business? What about doing speaking events? All of these income-producing possibilities grow bigger when you have a blog. When people see you around the socials and wonder, “Who’s that? Is he or she the real deal?” your own blog tells them YES. You’re a professional. The blog (website) is essentially your career portfolio.

Does it cost a yearly fee to have a blog?

Yes. It will run you in the ballpark of $140 a year, give or take thanks to bundle pricing or coupons.
Does it cost money to run an email list? Yes. So maybe you don’t do that now, but save it for maybe, someday (I think it’s very important to collect email addresses if you want to make more money but that’s just me.)

What Can You Manifest in Your Professional Life Thanks to Your Own Blog?

Entrepreneurship, financial freedom, freedom to make a living doing what you love, helping people, not being a corporate drone, not living by the 9-to-5 clock… this is what we live for. If you’re striking out on your own, a blog helps get you there faster.

What if you get a blog, but then don’t end up using it?

If you don’t like it or don’t use it, you don’t have to renew next year.

But it would be disappointing if you didn’t log in and start driving traffic from your blog. It’s the same process that you use to post on social media. Same thing, but a blog is leveling up because it’s YOURS. You’re not a squatter on other people’s websites… your blog is YOURS.

You drive traffic from Google to your blog, then convert the customers or attract people to your passive income sources. That’s the purpose.

Post your content, add a sign-off, include a call to action that tells people to follow you. Categorize your posts according to keywords, same concept as hashtags. When corporations see you getting views and follows online, then they ask you about your business and why choose you… your blog tells them YES. This person is the real deal. He or she has it together and it makes sense to have this person represent their brand.

Last question. Where do you get a WordPress Self-Managed Website, otherwise known as a blog?

You can get it on GoDaddy. Choose the WordPress Managed Hosting Option. You need BOTH a domain name AND hosting if you want your blog to be live on the web. Good luck, and happy blogging!