Abundance Mindset: Best Explanation Comes from Young Female Entrepreneur Who Reads Tarot Cards

Here in the wild world of online business, you meet all kinds of people. Everyone from accountants to skydiving instructors to auto mechanics to astrologers are out here sharing virtual space and exchanging air time.

The other day in my social media travels, I ran across a young woman who projects a very bold and authentic style, and has garnered a mass following on TikTok for her tarot reading services and spiritual work with clients. She was talking about the abundance mindset, which everybody wants, but can be difficult to grasp.

Do you struggle with the abundance mindset? Worry too much about who might be riffing on your ideas or trying to steal your clients away? Tarot Reader Trinity puts it into perspective.

I first started noticing Trinity for one of the more brazen videos she shared on TikTok that has nothing to do with abundance or tarot readings. But I soon realized that this young, fearless entrepreneur has many valuable lessons to share. It can be challenging to wrap your head around the abundance mindset that brings true happiness, success and wealth. You might think you have it, but then when it comes time to put the ideas into action, those old, limiting beliefs creep back in.

Trinity delivers some strong reminders of how to think, live and conduct your business abundantly, to bring the right people, experiences and opportunities that lead to financial success flowing your way.

Her authenticity and willingness to totally put herself out there with bold, raw honesty, is utterly refreshing, and so very needed. And quite frankly, she’s brilliant.

“Infinite abundance is your absolute truth, and your birthright.”

“Do yourself a favor, and understand that while you’re trying to grow your small business, there’s more than enough for absolutely everyone.”

The words she shares on attracting wealth and blessings by cultivating an abundance mindset in yourself were well received by me. Yes… I get it, sister. Take a minute to listen. Trinity offers the perfect explanation of what it means to truly let go of the limiting, scarcity, fear-based mentality that holds us back from seeing real success and thriving to our higher calling.

Do you want to support yourself and your family by sharing your talents with the world? Do you also battle inner demons that tell you to be wary of other people? Do you hold tightly to those big ideas for fear of someone stealing them away?

Hear what Trinity aka Infinite Abundance (on TikTok) has to say about changing your mind to change your future.

The abundance mindset also affects the energy you put across to others in your field… to your potential clients.

Do other business owners strike you as hungry and desperate for sales? Do your clients and followers think this about you?

Trinity touches on this in her talk as well. She gives an important reminder not to come across as desperate to your own potential buyers. As she explains, running your business from a scarcity mindset creates that desperate energy that repels people. 

“Nobody wants to have such little belief in themselves and their business, that they’re clinging to every possible client. Guess what? You’re not meant to work with every possible client who comes knocking on your door.”

Click Play on her TikTok Video Below, to Hear Trinity Explain the Abundance Mindset

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“There is no need to compete, there is no need to compare, there is no need to wish ill on another…”

Hear more from Trinity aka Infinite Abundance, on TikTok here.

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